"Wisdom calls aloud in the streets. She raises her voice in the public squares. She calls out at the street corners. She delivers her message at the city gates" (Proverbs 1:20-21). According to James Conlon, director of the Sophia Center at Holy Names College, her message is: seek justice for the earth and for all her creatures. In this collection of meditations, the author of Lyrics for Re-Creation presents a series of exercises, quotations, prayers, and rituals designed to spur readers to a more vivid sense of their role as co-creators in the evolving story of the universe.

In one ritual, Conlon suggests a visit to a toxic dump where poison and aggression against the earth are painfully evident. The idea is to feel the pain of the place and the people it has harmed. This example of fierce compassion is what ecological theology is all about. Ponderings from the Precipice contains soulwork that can lead to the planetary Pentecost that shines in the hopes and dreams of so many spiritual people.

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