Go to a place where destruction and violence have taken place. You may find yourself in the inner city, where people are mistreated and abused, or in a place where pollution abounds, in a toxic dump where poison and aggression against Earth is painfully present.

In silence, be present to this locus of violence. Allow this place of human pain or ecological devastation to speak to you. Observe what is there; what do you see, hear, touch, smell? What do you think?

After ten minutes, focus your attention specifically on the pain of the people or the place where violence has occurred.

After another ten minutes, find a quiet place and record your reactions. If possible, share your experience with a friend or colleague. Reflect on how your understanding of violence has been enhanced as a result of this process.

To Practice: With a group of concerned friends, try this ritual.

James Conlon in Ponderings from the Precipice