Jamie Sams, a writer and artist of Cherokee, Seneca and French descent, is author of the bestselling Medicine Cards (1977). Since 1989, she has traveled to six continents and interviewed elder wisdom keepers from indigenous peoples. Her findings are included on these fascinating tapes about 200 animals and the teachings they have for us. Their "medicine" is defined as "anything that enhances our connection with all life and brings us into an understanding of the oneness that permeates our existence on this planet."

Each animal has a primary, instinctual medicine — for example, ant is patience; cockatoo is forgiveness; hummingbird is joy; and parakeet is hospitality. Each animal also possesses a "contrary medicine" which represents the challenges they put before us — to conquer patience, to be more forgiving, to quit being so sad, or to open up our hearts to outsiders.

Throughout the ages, primal people have called upon these totems to bring healing and transformation into their lives. Now you, too, can share in this animal medicine. A booklet explaining the origins and meanings of 200 animal symbols is included in this spoken-word audio package.