Here is the re-issuing of a 1978 practical resource by Jesuit spiritual director and retreat leader Anthony de Mello (1931-1987). As Thomas Moore points out in the introduction, this pathbreaking book speaks boldly in favor of the cultivation of silence and the practice of bringing the whole person — body, mind, soul, imagination, and memory — to prayer.

The word "sadhana" is a capacious Indian term rich in meanings. It can refer to discipline, spiritual practice, and one's personal means for approaching God. De Mello has created 47 exercises drawing on Scripture; St. Ignatius, Teresa of Avila, and other mystics; modern psychology; and Eastern techiques such as yoga and Zen Buddhism.

The author is a master of everyday spirituality presenting us with fresh understandings of breath-communication with God, release from resentment, fantasy on the corpse, the thousand names of God, holy desires, and the living flame of love. This Christian classic on meditation and prayer is a must-have resource for all those seeking to enrich and deepen their spiritual journey.

Spiritual Practices from Sadhana