Godfrey Chips, a Lakota medicine man, says, "I'm the Spirit's janitor. All I do is wipe the windows a little bit so you can see out for yourself." That's exactly what Michael Garrett, a student and teacher of the Cherokee Way, does in this supple and enlightening paperback. The goal is to help us "walk the path of good medicine" which means to be in harmony with the universe and its sacred rhythms.

Garrett opens up the whole concept of intuition by describing it as our cellular phone that doesn't need a calling card, monthly bills, or a limit to the number of calls. He explains the Cherokee "Rule of Acceptance" which involves letting things unfold in their own time. With "The Rule of Opposites" we can realize that everything serves a meaningful and important function in our lives. "Is and isn't are not really opposite poles on a linear continuum, but rather they exist in a circle, where one is an extension of the other." With this perspective, we can make the most of negative energies such as anger or disappointment. Garrett also gives his interpretations of the powwow, the significance of eagle feathers, and the sacred art of giveaway.

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