"I want to celebrate the marriage of heaven and earth, in which doing and being, profit and self-mastery, work and play, technology and consciousness are integrated in a seamless unity," writes Let Davidson, an organizational trainer, consultant, and coach who believes that the principles and techniques of perennial philosophy can bring meaning to the contemporary workplace. He notes that in the present period of unpredictable transience, we are all temps and there is no such thing as job security.

Davidson makes a good case for the workplace as a milieu of transformation, spiritual growth, and self-realization. He suggests that practices from the wisdom traditions, such as meditation, affirmations, visualization, body scan, and silence, can give rise to the creation of a whole self at work. He challenges business leaders to promote "the freedom, satisfaction and well-being of their people." Those organizations that heed the call to integrate work and spirit will be the ones that thrive in the fullest sense of the term.