"Sabbath time can be a revolutionary challenge to the violence of overwork, mindless accumulation, and the endless multiplication of desires, responsibilities, and accomplishments. Sabbath is a way of being in time where we remember who we are, remember what we know, and taste the gifts of spirit and eternity," writes ordained minister, therapist, and best-selling author Wayne Muller.

Jews, Christians, and Muslims honor the need to create a sanctuary in time for worship, prayer, devotion, and thanks to God. Muller challenges us to take a Sabbath day of rest, to set aside a Sabbath afternoon for silence, and to create Sabbath moments in our hectic weekday schedules. He is calling for a time of stillness and repose, a time for rejoicing in the goodness and holiness of life, and a time to surrender to the mystery of not-knowing.

At the end of chapters on rest, rhythm, time, happiness, wisdom, and consecration, Muller includes dozens of Sabbath exercises such as taking a guilt-free nap, blessing your children, keeping a Sabbath box, creating a family altar, and thinning or letting go of possessions. One of the best things about this rich devotional resource is the way Muller has utilized resources from Christianity, Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism, Judaism, Islam, and Native American spirituality to evoke the pungent aroma of Sabbath.

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