Against the Pollution of the I Six posthumous essays exalting the soul in ways that are universal, breathtaking, and marvelous.
Anthony de Mello An excellent introduction to the life and work of this extraordinary post-denominational Christian.
Awakening A spiritual classic on the mystic path.
Awakening to the Sacred A testament to spiritual practice as the common ground linking all religious traditions together.
Chanting An excellent overview of this ancient practice for healing the body and quieting the mind.
Contentment An exploration of this seemingly rare state of being.
Crooked Cucumber A presentation of this Zen master's legacy.
Eternal Echoes A juicy, imaginative, devotional work about the creative tension between longing and belonging.
Ethics for the New Millennium A inspirational and soulful work.
Everything Belongs An excellent volume on the process of sanctification.
Finding Your Religion An intriguing book on the different stages of faith and the spiritual practice of hospitality.
For Heaven's Sake The story of six-year-old Isaiah, who goes on a quest to find out more about heaven. For Children
Freeing the Soul from Fear A series of imaginative exercises to help us combat fear.
Going Home A tribute to two mutually enriching faith traditions and their expressions in our daily practice.
Healing Mantras An exploration of these short, energy-packed phrases as a way to create changes in consciousness.
Heaven Begins Within You An extraordinary book about the early Christian ascetics who pioneered spirituality from below.
Let Your Life Speak The best book available to anyone asking serious questions about vocation.
Little Stone An enchanting little book.
Living in the Question A rich resource opening us to a new understanding of God, ourselves, others, and the world.
Lotus in the Fire An inspiring testament about the benefits of spiritual practice as a supportive tool and a key to healing.
Love Is Stronger than Death A guidebook revealing the spiritual adventures of two true soulmates.
Make Me an Instrument of Your Peace Meditations on peace, forgiveness, joy, giving, and dying shine with sensitivity and deep meaning.
Meeting God An absolutely stunning and illuminating book that captures Hindu belief and practice.
Path Without Destination A truly visionary spiritual work.
Radical Healing A fascinating overview and synthesis of the various healing systems available today.
Reinventing Christianity The first comprehensive survey of Christian theology in Africa to appear in English.
Sabbath A rich devotional resource.
Sacred America An in-depth examination of the spiritual renaissance in contemporary America.
Sight and Sensibility A strange but compelling tale about trust, pain, and the miraculous power of healing.
Soul of a Citizen Stories of ordinary people who have transformed their communities.
Stories of Awe and Abundance Rich treasures from a teacher who cherishes life, love, and all the good graces that surround us.
The Divine Deli A call to a multifaith approach with conscious use of religious ideas, practices, symbols, prayers, and sensibilities.
The Force of Character and the Lasting Life This compelling volume shows how our character is deepened, enriched, and made meaningful by long life.
The Gift A deliciously enchanting collection of 250 poems.
The Holy Longing A bold and thought-provoking meditation on the concrete implications of the Incarnation.
The Knowing Heart An exquisite overview of Sufism and all its resources.
The Ladder Parables brimming over with insights into faith, grace, sanctification, and transformation.
The Mystic Heart A pathbreaking work on religious hospitality.
The Spirit of Intimacy Practical ideas about restoring meaning and purpose to community, marriage, and family.
The Wisdom of Dying Rich insights into the bounties of life and death.
Traveling Mercies Essays conveying both the vigor and the rigors of her unusual spiritual journey as a Christian convert.
Welcoming Spirit Home A soul-stirring book filled with indigenous wisdom.
Where the Roots Reach for Water A rich harvest of insights about the landscape of chronic depression and its potential to become a spiritual teacher.
Woman Who Glows in the Dark Guidance for all those who are interested in exploring ancient and unconventional methods of healing.
Work as a Spiritual Practice Down-to-earth exercises on deepening awareness, handling change, and engendering personal growth.
Working on God Observations of a self-confessed neo-agnostic during a three-year spiritual exploration.
Yiddishe Kop A primer on the art of finding meaning through reframing.
Zen Computer A creative application of the ancient insights of Zen to the modern technology of bits and bytes.