To usher in the third millennium of the common era (C. E.), editors Elizabeth Roberts and Elias Amidon (Earth Prayers, Life Prayers) sent out 3,000 requests to spiritual teachers, poets, political leaders, youth, artists, visionaries, and others asking for their philosophical reflections, prayers, poems, guidance, and advice. The result is this salutary collection of blessings and expressions of hope — all of which provide an antidote to the widespread fears and apprehensions afoot in our culture regarding Y2K.

The book is divided into ten theme sections: visions of hope; opening our hearts; this moment in time; creating communities of peace; for the children; this holy earth; prayers of solidarity and justice; reflections on politics, economics, and morality; parables of our time; and we the people. Some of our favorite pieces are by Diane Ackerman, Annie Dillard, Jack Kornfield, Marge Piercy, Brother David Steindl-Rast, and Winona LaDuke. Here is an ecumenical, global, cross-cultural, and visionary house of prayer.

Try a Spiritual Practice on Hope