Marni McGee has written an enchanting children's book about the continuing work of angels in the world. It is suitable for children ages four through seven.

According to the animals, angels were present in the creation of the world: "They picked the colors of the dawn"; they taught the dolphins to swim; they showed spiders how to spin; they painted stripes on the bumblebees; and they told the roosters where to perch and when to crow. And the angels are still active today as they watch over all creation. They teach baby owls how to nest and fly; they help lost calves find they way home; they rejoice in the birth of puppies; and they playfully race with foxes and deer.

The animals are very pleased that angels also protect and look after little children. While Angels Watch is a very soothing book that honors and cherishes these bright beings and the many roles they play as caregivers, guardians, and creative spirits. Illustrator Tina Macnaughton has found an especially beautiful way to depict the angels which will have children eager to touch the book and trace the presence of grace.