Chloe Goodchild is the founder of Naked Voice Foundation, a charitable trust devoted to healing suffering and resolving conflict through the mediation of sound and the creation of "Singing Fields" worldwide. Over the past 20 years she has offered workshops designed to enable people to get in touch with their inner voice through vocal and physical exercises. As a teacher, singer, and sound healer, Goodchild demonstrates a process of Awakening through Sound on this Sounds True Audio Learning Course of five CDs (five and one-half hours) and one 40-minute DVD, which features movements and sacred gestures to accompany the vocal exercises.

All of us are interested in discovering our true self that is animated by passion, love, and power. In Session 1 Goodchild explores "Your Personality Voice and The Witness." The point is not to learn how to sing properly but to connect with our soul sound and express it in creative ways. Goodchild exposes some of the sad and silly stories we tell ourselves about our voices (such as we can't read music, we sing off-key, we are embarrassed to raise our voice, etc.) She demonstrates some vocal exercises which set out to bring us face-to-face with our naked voice, our reactive mind, and the wonder of the "pathless way."

In Session 2 Goodchild presents sacred chant and mantra as devotional songs which touch the heart and provide vibrational medicine. Her own singing here is both healing and inspirational. Session 3 covers "Your Wisdom Voice — The Seven Sounds of Love" which she calls musical chakras. Her choral anthem "How I Love You" is a perfect jewel that shines brightly and demonstrates the emotional vibrancy of the Naked Voice.

Session 4, "Your Healing Voice Through the Musical Modes," correlates the moods of your soul and the reality of the world, covering the longing to belong, shadow and light, dark luminosity, compassion, sublime joy, and more. Session 5 concludes this rich journey of self-observation and expression with some final thoughts about sound consciousness and everyday life.

Goodchild leads us to a mystical awareness of the oneness and the healing power of the heart in the face of conflict. A special treat on this Audio Learning Course is the inclusion of Rumi poems translated by Coleman Barks. That's why it is fitting that Goodchild concludes with a melodic lyrical expression of "The Singing Field":

"Out beyond ideas of right and wrong doing
there is a field
a singing field
I'll meet you there"