Father Anthony de Mello (1931-1987) was an Indian Jesuit spiritual director and retreat leader who gave workshops, conferences, and seminars all over the world. He pioneered post-denominational Christianity and proclaimed a lyrical mysticism rooted in story and imagination. Best of all, he presented concrete spiritual practices and exercises designed to silence the mind and give expression to the yearnings of the heart.

In his excellent introduction to the life and work of de Mello, William Dych pays tribute to his vision of a God beyond all human ideas, concepts, and language; his bridge-building work between the spiritualities of the East and the West; and his catholic emphasis upon being aware, accepting mystery, and practicing love.

The excerpts here from eight different books by Anthony de Mello give a vibrant example of the distinctiveness of his Christian perspective. He saw story as "the shortest distance between a human being and truth." One Minute Wisdom is filled with gems like the following: " 'How would spirituality help a man of the world like me?' said the businessman. 'It will help you to have more,' said the master. 'How?' 'By teaching you to desire less.' " Savor these wise parables and open yourself to de Mello's manifold insights into awareness, holiness, happiness, prayer, joy, devotion, and freedom.

Once you're read a little bit of de Mello, you'll want to read more. It's always that way with exceptional spiritual teachers. This book is part of Orbis's Modern Spiritual Masters Series.