A garden is much more than a place of beauty and delight. It is an oasis for one's spirit and a workshop for one's soul. Tending and caring for plants opens one up to daily encounters with the primal forces of life and death. Kathryn Hall is a diligent and creative book publicist whose motto has been: "Changing the world one book at a time." What we didn't know is that she is also known worldwide for her successful gardening blog www.PlantWhateverBringsYouJoy.com. In this paperback of the same title, Hall has come up with 52 insights from her quarter century of gardening — illuminating the human adventure. Personal anecdotes lead to portable wisdom that can spur the reader to transformation. Or to put it another way, Hall's inspirational stories are meant to get us to tend to our personal gardens of life.

Here are a few of the gems in the 52 insights:

• "Remember that all seeds have their own rate of return."

• "Leave wild, undisturbed corners in your garden."

• "Bring gentleness and gratitude to your harvesting."

• "Recognize when a plant's life is spent and be willing to let it go."

• "Prune rigorously with faith new life will return."

• "Cultivate plants which attract lovely company."

Hall uses the enduring metaphor of the garden to probe the process of bringing our dreams to fruition, leaving spaces in our days for mysteries and surprises, daring to bask in the light, choosing growth over holding ourselves back, refusing to be attached to outcomes, extending thanks to those who encourage and support us, having the courage and patience to live by our own precepts, and sharing the blessings and bounties of our days with others.