Images of God for Young Children by Marie-Helene Delval is a children's picture book that presents ways we can think of God as present in our world. This collection of images is faithful to the images of the Holy One in the Bible. The delightful illustrations by Barbara Nascimbeni are designed to capture the attention of children aged four through eight years.

Among the many ways of thinking and imagining God are as breath, light, night, the word, silence, secret, our tears, joy, fortress, promise, mystery, beauty, justice, peace, mercy, and love. Many images from the natural world speak of God's qualities such as spring, rock, stream, root, wind, and fire. Of great importance to many readers is the author's inclusion of Jesus as the one in whom God took on a body and a face.

This useful resource can help parents unleash their children's imaginations as they consider these varied images of God. The book ends with "God is with us," a fitting finale to a worthwhile journey for children and adults alike.