When doctors told Douglas Goldhamer, a Reformed rabbi, that his leg would have to be amputated, he began seeing Daniel Dresher, an Orthodox rabbi who taught him healing techniques developed by Jewish mystics. His leg was saved. Since then Rabbi Douglas has taught many others these prayers and visualization techniques. Melinda Stengel, a Catholic psychotherapist, tried them and cured her ovarian cysts and her son's chronic headaches.

The universal principles explained in this accessible work can be used by believers of all stripes. According to Rabbi Douglas, who is leader of Congregation Bene Shalom in Skokie, Illinois, suffering is not part of God's plan. In chapters on learning faith, the greater mind, practicing the presence of God, and the commandment to rejoice, the authors explain the basics of healing prayer. We all can benefit from having someone pray for us when we are ill. Many other meditation exercises here use light, colors, and the power of positive thinking. This Is for Everyone makes it clear that activating the God within us is the key to healing ourselves and others.

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