"We are moving into a new paradigm, leaving the old structures behind," says Marion Woodman, Jungian analyst, writer, and workshop leader. "Where do you go for our guidance? I suggest to you that we have no place but our own well. We all have this well inside." This superb audio collection of nine-and-one-half hours of material from various conferences over the years focuses on "bringing the feminine to consciousness through language, dreams, and metaphor."

Woodman clarifies the multiple meanings in Carl Jung's understanding of archetypes and the unconscious. She challenges us to make good use of the masculine and feminine energies within us. Women must free themselves from patriarchal structures and men must come to terms with their feeling function.

Woodman is very perspicacious on the widespread problem of addiction which she links to the raging energies of soul. This Jungian analyst envisions music, dance, and poetry as metaphors of the human spirit. She also has some edifying things to say about crones, aging, and dying into abundant life.

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