Tidbits on Cats

• The domestic cat is the most popular pet in the world today, outnumbering dogs by a margin of three to one, according to John Bradshaw, founder of the Anthrozoology Institute at Bristol University and author of the bestselling Dog Sense.

• Cats were domesticated 10,000 years ago in Egypt to control the mice in granaries and were first kept as pets over 4000 years ago.

• Millions of cats were killed during medieval times when they were said to be under the influence of the Devil.

• Cats can see only two colors: blue and yellow.

• Cats today have the same senses and brains as their wildcat predecessors.

• The reason some cats have survived falls from the high floors of buildings is their ability to form a "parachute" by spreading all four legs out, and then righting themselves before landing.

Reliable Expert Information About Cat Behavior

Bradshaw shares a lot of helpful information about the four stages of cat growth during the first year, socializing kittens so they bond with human beings, introducing a new cat at home, the options for feral cats, the importance of play for kittens, the rhythm of the day for cats, clicker training a cat, grooming, purring, homemade toys, and problems caused by declawing.

Cat Sense by John Bradshaw provides a fascinating overview and many helpful suggestions for our care of these companions.