Sandra Ingerman is director of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies and the author of Soul Retrieval, Welcome Home, and A Fall to Grace. She sees shamanism as "the first spiritual practice of humankind," an approach that can help us live in harmony with nature. Recently fires burned out of control in the rain forests of South America. In desperation, the government called upon shamans to make rain. Two days after their arrival, rain came. Ingerman uses this example to illustrate how disharmony creates excess toxins and physical maladies. The true medicine for the Earth is healing the inner world and restoring balance to our lives.

The author points out that many contemporary shamans believe we are "dreaming the wrong dream." As long as we act out of the illusion that we are separated from the good Earth, we will plant seeds of fear, anger, envy, power, and greed. She suggests planting new seeds of connection, which will sprout into a dream that promotes love, peace, harmony, and balance.

Throughout this paperback, Ingerman presents exercises, creative visualizations, ceremonies, and rituals to enhance this energy work. She also salutes the great force field of imagination, that human faculty that can bring us into a space where it is possible to reduce stress and become one with the world around us. Ingerman concludes: "Remember the nature of the human soul is to nurture the earth. You must learn how your own light needs to be nourished and supported, so you can be a caretaker of the earth."