James Conlon is an educator, social activist, and director of the Holy Names University Sophia Center. He has been engaged in community organization, depth psychology, social science, cultural studies, and spirituality, For more than two decades he has digested and reveled in the work of Thomas Berry, cultural historian and "geologian." In this paperback, Conlon brings together all his interests and takes us along for an illuminating ride as he presents his own creative book of hours. Here is the arrangement:

• Sunday: The Universe Story
• Monday: Mystery
• Tuesday: The Sacred
• Wednesday: The Human
• Thursday: The Moment
• Friday: Struggle and Fulfillment
• Saturday: Cultural Therapy

Each unit includes seven edifying components: a theme, reflection, threshold thoughts, story, prophetic voices, a moment of silence, and response. Thomas Berry once said: "We are here to hear the story and experience the dream." Conlon proves himself to be an enthusiastic guide on this spiritual journey of the wonder-filled cosmos. Here is what he calls "a monastery without walls" where Divine purpose is working with human beings who are tuned to the sacred reality of the universe. Conlon invites us to approach our lives "with the curiosity of a child, the heart of a mystic, and the voice of a prophet." Open your heart and mind to the rhythms of time, the cosmos, and the days that run from dawn to dusk.