Dharma Singh Khalsa is board-certified in anesthesiology, pain management, and anti-aging medicine. He is one of the few physicians in the world who is also a yogi, taught by a master of white tantric yoga in the Sikh tradition. In this book Khalsa and co-author Cameron Stauth outline the essentials of a healing modality whose time has come. It's called "medical meditation." Since nearly 20 percent of the U.S. population has tried one form of meditation or another, it is now possible to use this powerful form of natural medicine to heal a variety of ailments. Drawing on the latest scientific research on yoga and meditation, the authors also include accounts of individuals who have profited from this practice.

Khalsa and Stauth discuss the five elements of medical meditation — specific breathing patterns; special postures and movements, including exact positioning of hands and fingers; particular mantras consisting of distinct vibratory sounds; a unique mental focus; and sadhana or daily practice. A large section of this book is devoted to the eight energy centers of the body known as the chakras, which are "ethereal centers of consciousness and communication."

Khalsa and Stauth include specific medical meditations for arthritis, heart disease, AIDS, cancer, migraines, asthma, and nervous system regeneration. Best of all, the authors present a sample sadhana routine where focused attention to the mind, body, and soul are used to start the day.