Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat are the Co-Founders and Co-Directors of Spirituality & Practice. This book inspired's focus on 37 key spiritual practices. The following description of it appears on the book jacket.

Spiritual practice is the common ground uniting believers in all of the world's religions and seekers of all stripes. Those of us on this broad and inclusive path share a thirst for guidance on concrete ways to get in touch with our true selves, to draw closer to God, or simply to enhance our connections with other living beings. Spiritual growth is the Holy Grail of our times, and it begins at home.

In their bestselling book Spiritual Literacy, Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat introduced an alphabet of spiritual practices that reveals the sacred in daily life. From Attention and Beauty, through Imagination and Play, to Yearning and Zeal — these are steps toward wisdom and signs that Spirit is present in our activities. In a very real sense, these practices are also "prescriptions" for those desiring to live a richer, fuller, and deeper life.

Now in Spiritual Rx, the Brussats identify the best ways to explore 37 essential practices. They spotlight the most accessible books by key teachers. They recommend the best spoken-word audios; fiction, poetry, and children's books; art pieces; and classical and pop music selections for inspiration and contemplation. They suggest insightful first steps for individuals and groups — journal and imagery exercises, discussion questions, and household and community projects.

Sections on spiritual exercises cover many of the tried-and-true rituals of the world's religions, as well as prayers and mantras that can be incorporated into daily life. A unique feature is the Brussats' commentary on videos, select movies that illustrate each spiritual practice, providing fascinating interpretations of 100 Hollywood, foreign, and documentary films that could become your most rewarding choices at the video store.

Here is specific advice on how to practice Hospitality, Nurturing, and Reverence. Here are fresh ways for you and your family to express Kindness, Gratitude, and Forgiveness. Here are ideas on how you can show Love and Compassion; work for Peace, Justice, and Unity; and live with Joy and Hope. Here, too, are strategies for dealing with problems you may be facing — stress, boredom, impatience, fear, worry, loneliness, and others. The authors note that both positive and distressing developments in your life point you in the direction you need to go on your journey. Their recommendations are designed to help you choose the best set of practices for your personal "symptoms."

Spiritual Rx, with its practical emphasis upon personal and societal transformation, its multi-faith perspective, and its encyclopedic array of more than 500 resources, is an invaluable guide to the diverse riches of the path of practice. No matter what your emotional temperament, your mental disposition, or your spiritual or religious tradition, you will find just the right prescription here for living a more meaningful and whole-hearted life.