This well-written book is at once a deft spiritual autobiography, a manual on the daily practice of prayer, and a meditation on the art of learning from a variety of spiritual teachers. Rick Hamlin, a senior editor at Guideposts and an active churchgoing Christian, believes that an ongoing dialogue with God centers his life. His mother encouraged him to make the most of solitude, and his father showed him how to incorporate spontaneous happenings into prayer.

One of the best things about this book is Hamlin's ability to relate his journey of prayer to all dimensions of his life, including his education, acting class, romance, career search, and even his commute to work on a New York subway. He also makes spiritual discoveries from painting his sister's house, love letters, and a dream. Finding God on the A Train will enable readers to ascertain for themselves how the experiences and places in their own lives can be transformed by the regular practice of prayer.

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