Theology has been infused with fresh potency thanks to liberation, feminist, creative, and multi-faith emphases. Now Diarmuid O'Murchu's Quantum Theology presents a planetary and personal portrait of life transforming life. The author, a priest and social psychologist living in London, spins out the quantum theory of physics into a multidimensional vision of reality that takes within its embrace relationship, story, the shadow, light, and love.

One of the most exciting chapters in this path-breaking theological work is on dance. O'Murchu sees movement built into the body and into the tapestry of evolution. Dance as scientific metaphor and as the pulse of creation incarnates the divine energy which animates all living beings. The quantum vision also affirms connections, speaks through stories, embraces the dark and chaos, and moves toward the light in mystical experiences and in enlightenment. O'Murchu has written a bold theological map which takes us into uncharted territory where science, religion, psychology, cosmology, and spirituality all whirl together in a phantasmagorical dance.