In The Re-Enchantment of Everyday Life bestselling author Thomas Moore (Care of the Soul) presents an imaginative and adventuresome celebration of soul as poetically engaged with the mystery, beauty, power, and sacredness of the ordinary world in which we live. With his usual beautiful prose, he offers us a passport to enchantment where rocks and trees have much to teach us, where our homes and the foods we eat deliver intimate and sensuous pleasures, where local spirits of neighborhood fuel our desire, and where dreaming and the arts take us beyond ourselves. Moore challenges readers to envision an erotics of work and a spirituality of politics based on compassion.

Near the end of this rousing book, he notes: "Enchantment is nothing more than spirituality deeply rooted in the earth." Moore's juiciest volume to date pinpoints magic, play, mystery, and imagination as wands that can renew and restore both our private and public lives.