In this erudite and engaging work, Thomas Moore (a psychotherapist and founder of the Institute for the Study of Imagination) elucidates the dazzling intellectual purview of Marsilio Ficino, presiding seer of the Florentine Academy in fifteenth century Italy. The author salutes this genius for restoring soul to the art of astrology with his emphasis upon arrangement, imitation, devotion, tempering and tuning. Ficino shows us the practices involved in ensouling the world and opening up to the enchantments of both the planets out there and the planets within. In chapters on the poetics of soul, planetary radiance and music of the soul; Moore spells out the meanings that encompass what he calls "the well-tempered life." There are ample riches to be discovered in Ficino's views on soul, music, love, madness, dreams and much more. Moore is a sensitive guide as he teaches us in this "school of imagination." At one point he notes: "The spiritual attitude gained from art, reading, serious conversation, ritual, celebration, camaraderie, athletics and other 'spirited' activities is itself the elixir that can transform all of life., making everything food for the soul."