In this engrossing introduction to the writings, articles, and lectures by Jungean psychologist James Hillman, Thomas Moore calls him an "artist of psychology" who makes the most of " the wisdom, the artfulness, and the beauty of centuries of soulful work, love, and play." He states that this maverick enjoys polemics, persuasion, and controversy. Moore also notes that Hillman's accent on love and beauty takes psychology into new territory beyond issues of fix, control and cure. Whether writing on dreams, depression, mythology, or aesthetics, Hillman sparks our imagination and reveals the limits of reductionism. His attentiveness to " soul making" revives our interest in the link between psychology and religion. Moore has divided the book into chapters on soul, world and eros and provided incredible brilliant introductions to each along with extended commentaries on Hillman's pieces. The diversity of subjects covered here and the incisiveness of his purview will send most readers back to the author's other writings for more of his insights. Highly recommended. This is a breakthrough work in psychology and Moore is to be commended for his scintillating job in bringing all this material together in one place.