William Cleary is the former assistant editor at the Catholic weekly America and is the author of many books on spirituality including Prayers to She Who Is. He was inspired to write this collection of 80 prayers and related commentary by the spiritual and scientific teachings of Diarmuid O'Murchu, author of Quantum Theology. Focusing on the new Universe Story and the Evolutionary God behind it, the book is divided into prayers of Listening, Questioning, Ambiguity, and Intimacy. The mysteries and the wonders generated by the astonishing revelations of evolutionary physics elicit from us prayers of surrender, praise, gratitude, and awe.

Here is an example of one prayer:

"The future is full of promise, Holy Mystery,
if only because we discern your forces of
evolution at work everywhere.
Every opening daffodil, every growing child,
every glimmer of human enlightenment,
every bodily process of healing
tells us the future is not fearsome
but is full of potential.
Your face is hidden, your name unknown
still we turn to you in faith and confidence.
Creating Evolutionary Spirit,
we hear your comforting voice
in the steady music of the unfolding creation,
in harmonies and dissonances of
the world around us
into which we pour our humble efforts.
We give thanks to exist,
and to be in some way the joy of your heart.

These prayers will draw out the mystic inside of you and tutor you in the proper response to the magnificence of the vast and varied cosmos in which we live.