Leonard Felder is a California psychologist who has spent 20 years researching how various spiritual traditions have dealt with the issues raised in the Ten Commandments. In The Ten Challenges he outlines his belief that these guidelines can be used "to build a life that has deeper meaning and higher purpose." Felder has reinterpreted the commandments in terms which will be accessible to all readers. For instance, the Second Commandment, "You shall not worship false idols or images," is probed as a challenge to break free of addictions and unfulfilling habits. The Eighth Commandment, "You shall not steal," becomes a meditation on "accomplishing your goals without mistreating other people."

This is an imaginative and practical treatment of the Ten Commandments. Felder's illustrative material and his grasp of the world's religions enable him to make these ancient truths very relevant to our own times. The Ten Challenges also includes questions, exercises, and ritual suggestions that can be used in the home.

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