Richard Rohr, a Catholic retreat leader, probes the many meanings in the dramatic Old Testament story of Job; he calls it "an anatomy of conversion, a postgraduate course in moral education." Although Job is knee-deep in pain, suffering, and confusion, he keeps conversing with God. His advisors — all false comforters — muddy the waters with their conventional wisdom, moral one-upmanship, blaming the victim, and reductionism. Job takes the leap of faith and hopes for the best. According to Rohr, this flinty and flawed character has immense inner authority and sanctity.

The author's spiritual reflections on Job are invigorating and wide reaching. Rohr comments on the nature of evil, the vocation of being a bridge-builder, the ways questions unfold the soul, the church of the future, and the role of the poor in it. Job and the Mystery of Suffering is a profound resource that will enable you to rediscover the depth charges in this ancient story.