Dr. Habīb Todd Boerger is the Director of Spiritual Practices at Spirituality & Practice. He first joined our team as a Fellow with The Practicing Democracy Project, a collaboration of The Center for Spirituality & Practice and the Fetzer Institute. Habīb holds a Ph.D. in Theology, specializing in Spirituality and Spiritual Formation in Christianity and Islam, from Claremont School of Theology and a Master's of Divinity from the University of Sufism where he is also faculty. Additionally, Habīb has a master's degree from Texas State University and a bachelor's degree from the University of Kansas. He also holds a Certificate of Islamic Studies from Bayan Islamic Graduate School. Habīb's research interests focus on neuroscientific and psychophysiological understandings of spiritual practice, especially in relation to use of sacred text in spiritual formation practices, as well as cross-religious commonalities. He is passionate about promoting a position of religious pluralism and building interfaith bridges.