"Ink runs from the corners of my mouth.
There is no happiness like mine.
I have been eating poetry."
— Mark Strand

Roger Housden — bestselling author of the Ten Poems to Change Your Life series — offers another feast of poetry. Those of you who have taken any of his poetry e-courses know how he finds just the right words to reinvigorate you, drawing you into a space of amazement, courage, and insight.

This program consists of 31 emails, each containing:

  • a poem chosen by Roger for its ability to refresh your soul
  • a short commentary on the poem by Roger;
  • guidance on how to consciously reflect on the poem;
  • a simple practice based on the poem's theme for you to bring into your day;
  • a video recording of the poem read by Roger (new!)

Roger Housden is one of the Living Spiritual Teachers profiled on Spirituality & Practice. He has received S&P Best Spiritual Book Awards for six books, including For Lovers of God Everywhere: Poems of the Christian Mystics, Keeping the Faith Without a Religion, How Rembrandt Reveals Your Beautiful Imperfect Self, and Chasing Rumi: A Fable About Finding the Heart's True Desire. We at S&P are also big fans of his collections of "ten poems" to open your heart, to set you free, to last a lifetime, to change your life again and again, and to say goodbye. He is renowned for his inspired recitations of sacred poetry.

For this e-course, Roger has chosen a superb collection of poems from Mary Oliver, Marie Howe, C.P. Cavafy, Ellen Bass, Thomas Merton, Rumi, Kabir, Jack Gilbert, Pablo Neruda, and many others.

Good poetry is food for the soul. It wakens us to the world around us in fresh and unexpected ways and gives voice to our deepest loves and longings. It bids us open our eyes to what is most authentic and nourishing. And what better way is there to begin a new year of your life than this soulful and playful engagement?

To give you a taste of things to come, here is a video of Roger reading "What the Living Do," a poem by Marie Howe.

(4 CEHs for chaplains available.)

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