Everyone faces bodily challenges — aching, ailing, aging. They’re with us now, or waiting in the future. How to deal with this well? How do people with health issues find ways to heal themselves? "Healing" does not here refer to medical cure, so much as recovering life's wholeness and holiness — words which come from a common root meaning entire, undamaged, and of good omen.

This question concerns those people we care for — as family members, or through work in health-related fields — and it also concerns most of us directly, whether we suffer from pain, fatigue, menstrual issues, chronic illnesses, age-related limitations, or any of the challenges that beset the body. Integrating mind, body, and spirit to address these challenges allows us to feel empowered, rather than relying exclusively on the medical system or drugs with potent side effects.

In this e-course, you will receive 12 emails that consider no fewer than 20 healing strategies — ways of finding wholeness even in the midst of illness and aging. These include listening and responding to messages your body sends you, letting go of the suffering of resistance, befriending the body, building new embodied solutions, communing with others, using visualization, accessing "higher" parts of the self, and much more.

In each email, scheduled at a pace that you choose, you will find:

  • Reflections on a healing strategy or strategies.
  • Practices to help you integrate this wisdom into your life.

Drew Leder, M.D., Ph.D., teaches philosophy at Loyola University in Maryland. He is an internationally known scholar in the field of healing, yet unusual in being able to present his ideas in a down-to-earth, even humorous fashion. His many books range across matters medical, philosophical, and spiritual — even his work with maximum-security prisoners. In this course he will be drawing on not only his clinical and philosophical training, but his own confrontations with chronic pain and illness.

Between people working in the field of health care and hospice, and people dealing with their own bodily problems, Drew thinks that the online discussion will be very illuminating. He looks forward to participating in a community of honest dialogue and support.

(4 CEHs for Chaplains available.)

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