"In every beating heart is a silent undercurrent that calls each of us to the more of ourselves," writes Sister Joan Chittister in her new book, The Monastic Heart: 50 Simple Practices for a Contemplative and Fulfillling Life. She continues: "The truth is that this deeper part of everyone does not simply develop in us . . . It needs to be cultivated, to be cherished, to be sustained." How? Through spiritual practices.

In this new e-course, Sr. Joan takes monastic practices out of the monastery and into our daily lives. She has designed this program for the same audience as her book: "those who are not necessarily looking for a church or an ashram or a monastery or even a study group to join; they may already have one. They may not really want one. What they are looking for is simply the wholeness of their spiritual selves that dwells within them already, often overlooked until the well goes dry."

We invite you to join us for this opportunity to journey with Joan Chittister through the experiences of the monastic heart. She is a Benedictine sister with an multifaith outreach and vision who has written more than 50 books. You can learn more about her and the other e-courses she has done with Spirituality & Practice in her Living Spiritual Teachers Project profile.

The e-course consists of 12 lessons, which will be sent on the frequency schedule you choose. In lessons emailed to you, Sr. Joan will introduce a different spiritual practice and in new audio reflections, she will show how these practices can change your life. She will cover:

  • Bells – On Remembering
  • Beauty – On the Invisible in the Visible
  • Metanoia – On Growth
  • Community – On Spiritual Companionship
  • Blessing – On Recognizing the Gifts of Life
  • Divine Office – On the Daily Presence of God
  • Stability – On Perseverance
  • Peace and Justice – On Peacemaking
  • Stewardship – On the Conservancy of Creation
  • The Making of the Monastic Heart – On Developing the Heart of God

You will also have access to the recording of the Q&A Zoom Session with Joan Chittister that was held in 2021, when this e-course was first offered live.

*We encourage you to purchase the book in order to read along with the full chapters, but this is not required in order to take the e-course. If you want to read along, order your copy here.

To join us, a worldwide community, Katie Gordon, who works with Sr. Joan at Monasteries of the Heart, and Sr. Joan to cultivate a monastic heart, click on "Subscribe" below.

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