I have wanted for a long time to attempt to share my enthusiasm for the Qur’an and the truth that can be found in it when it is approached without too many preconceptions. Created with my dear friend and colleague, Mahmoud Mostafa, this e-course explores what the Qur’an says about the deeper matters of the spiritual life. In other words, what does it say to those who have committed themselves to the spiritual journey?
~ Kabir Helminski

This program, originally offered in June 2011, is designed to be taken over a one-month period. It includes the following components:

• Four recordings of one-hour teleseminars; since these were originally offered for two time zones, there are actually two recordings per week.

• Daily emails: on weekdays, selections from the Qur'an and commentaries. On weekends, essays and invitations to reflection.

Suggested donation: When this program was originally offered, the suggested donation was $99.00. Since there is no online Practice Circle for the on-demand version of the program, the suggested donation is $70.00.

Once you click on the "subscribe" button button, you will be taken through a sign-up process during which you can choose to pay the $70 by credit card or check. You'll be emailed a receipt with a link to your "account page" where you can choose when you'd like the e-course to begin and how frequently (daily, three times a week, twice a week, or weekly) you would like to receive it. The recommended frequency is daily.

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