Anger is a serious problem for all of us, no matter what we do or where we live. It is behind the violent behavior we hear about on the news; it is one of the causes of self-destructive addictions; it wrecks many intimate relationships; it animates the harm we do through gossip and negative talk about others; and it has been directly linked to heart attacks and high blood pressure. Anger is a multi-purpose emotion that attacks the body, mind, and soul.

Anger is one letter short of "danger." Most likely you know the explosive power of anger to overwhelm other feelings and destroy the joy in your activities. But it is possible to defuse our anger. All of the world's wisdom traditions have tried-and-true antidotes to anger. Some seek to stamp this troublesome emotion out while others advocate embracing some types of anger, thus transforming its power into the virtue of righteous indignation.

Recovery programs say that it takes three weeks — 21 days — to break a bad habit or to start a new practice. For this e-course, we have put together a practical mix of readings, insights, and spiritual practices from a variety of teachers who present some important ways to deal with anger in a wide variety of situations. You'll receive 21 emails, each with an excerpt from a spiritual book and suggestions for reflections, journaling, and practice based on the reading.

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