Henri Nouwen was a Dutch Christian priest and world renowned spiritual guide and counselor known for the intimate candor of his writing and his blend of the social and political dimensions in his understanding of the Gospel. He stands alongside Thomas Merton as one of the truly versatile and immensely popular Western spiritual teachers of our time.

Again and again Nouwen was able to speak to our condition with his essays on loneliness, anxiety, and insecurity. He was a wounded healer who understood brokenness and helped us see how we could use our experiences of pain and suffering to better understand and help others. Nouwen's hospitable heart was open to everything from the multiple meanings of art and icons to the playfulness of clowns.

Nouwen's journey of Christian faith was built on his confidence in a loving and graceful God who speaks to us through community and our service of others. He was a social activist and peacemaker who constantly took the pulse of the world and paid attention to what was going on around him. He struggled with prayer and made devotion a key element in his close communion with God.

All these themes in Nouwen's writings are explored in the e-course "Practicing Spirituality with Henri Nouwen." Participants will receive 40 emails, each with a brief quotation from Nouwen's writings and a practice suggested by this teaching. Henri Nouwen honored the mystery of life and the joy of the spiritual adventure — which moves on so many more levels than we think! This e-course is an opportunity to learn from a true spiritual master of our time.

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