Be Servant-Warriors for Peace and Justice

"The future of the entire human race may depend on whether large numbers of the human race can now take the Direct Path into claiming humbly their divine humanity and acting from it in order to preserve the environment and see that justice is done to the poor and starving and depressed. What is needed on a large scale, I believe, is an army of servant-warriors for peace and justice, an army of practical visionaries and active mystics who work in every field and in every arena to transform the world."
The Direct Path

Summoning the Fragrance of the Beloved

"So many people don't know how to inspire themselves. Use everything that moves you: music, walking by water, flowers, photographs of the enlightened ones. Inspiration helps so deeply in overcoming laziness; summons what the Sufis call the fragrance of the Beloved into everything."
Dialogues with a Modern Mystic

Christ as the Hero of Love

"Of all the mystic pioneers of humanity, Christ is in almost every way the most daring and demanding and the most concerned with the brutal facts of this world. His living out of his enlightenment and of his realization of his fundamental unity with God has a unique urgency, a poignantly wild passion, and a hunger for justice that make him the hero of love in the human race."
Teachings of the Christian Mystics

The Wine of Fearless Ecstasy

"I have found in my own struggle to change and be changed that my chief sources of inspiration have sprung from the mystical traditions of the past. In their great scriptures and practical technologies of transformation, I have found at once a noble vision of human-divine identity and the means to realize and embody its truth and power in reality. From them, I have drunk the wines of fearlessness and ecstasy and slowly learned how, again and again, to risk everything and to welcome the deaths that transfigure and empower. They have taught me the rigor and illusionless hope and the courage to endure in joy."
A Walk with Four Spiritual Guides