The Art of Listening in Talking Circles

"Whenever Native Americans come together in groups with things to discuss, there are certain rules that we always observe. Those unspoken rules show whether the participants were reared in a good way. No one has to make a comment about another person's behavior; it is evident through their actions. Listening is the foremost rule that determines a person's integrity and substance.

"Talking Circles are what we use to bring problems out into the open, to find solutions, to share our feelings and experiences, and to honor the Sacred Points of View of every person present. To interrupt a speaker is to bring dishonor on his or her words, to bring dishonor on one's upbringing, one's family, Tribe, Clan, and Nation."
Earth Medicine

Looks Far Woman

"Mother, teach me how to see
The shining lights of stars,
The faces of the Ancestors,
In worlds both near and far.

Show me how to welcome
The visions appearing to me,
Seeing the truth in detail,
Unraveling each mystery.

Walk me through the Dreamtime
Of altered time and space,
That I may share those visions
With every creed and race.

Doorkeeper of all dimensions,
I seek your Medicine ways
Of how to earth my visions,
Seeing truth, inside me, today."
The 13 Original Clan Mothers

All Our Relatives

"In Native American culture, we see everything as being alive. Each living thing has a specific role as a teacher and family member. Everything on Earth, whether stone, tree, creature, cloud, sun, moon, or human being, is one of our relatives. We capitalize the names of each part of our Planetary Family because they represent the sacred living extensions of the Great Mystery who were placed here to help humankind evolve spiritually. We capitalize Traditions and Teachings because these words represent the equivalent of another faith's holy books."
The 13 Original Clan Mothers


"In the Indian community, hospitality has always been a Tradition that is founded on the deepest respect humans can show one another. Any person hosting another is required to sponsor that person and to be responsible for that person's actions while they are a guest in the host's land. Being a guest requires that one observe all of the customs and Traditions of the place where they are visiting.

"The guest is expected to behave with respect toward the host family, to contribute by helping with the work at hand, to follow the customs of that land, to honor the Ancestors, Ceremonies, and spirits of that area, and to be grateful for the hospitality offered. If possible, the guest should help provide anything that is needed — gifts of food that will feed the host family are always welcome."
Earth Medicine

Seeing the Spirit

"Spirit breathes the aliveness
Into every flower and tree,
And fosters our connections
To life's Sacred Mystery.
The net that binds us together,
Is the spirit we hold in kind,
The abundant, unlimited expression
Of the Creator's breath divine.
Humankind is always looking
For ways to measure the soul,
Never really seeing the Spirit
That makes Creation a whole.
Fragments rest in every part
Of the natural world we know,
But when we forget the Oneness,
We fail to honor Creation's flow.
Spirit flows in unity through
The Source from which all came,
Visible to every seeker who
Has found the Eternal Flame.
That fiery connection to all life
Rests in the love that lies within,
A Oneness that gives us no recourse,
But to see the spirit in all our kin."
Earth Medicine


"We must watch, look, and listen before following anyone onto the frozen lake; then we have no need to worry about falling through the thin ice. The broken hearts and shattered trust created by lack of discernment can make us numb to the joy life offers. If we observe the obvious, honoring our feelings as internal warning signals, we can learn to trust our perceptions. The trust we gain in our discernment abilities is self-trust. Within the safety of self-trust we no longer need the old lessons of being led astray.

"If you have been led astray, it may be time to develop self-trust, observing before you act.
Earth Medicine

Healing Path

"Teach me how to gather
The fragments of my soul,
Reclaiming lost potential,
I seek to become whole.

Let me find forgiveness,
Embracing a new way to be,
Releasing the hurt and anger
Toward all who wounded me.

Let me heal my human body,
The sacred vessel of my soul,
Mending all the unhealed aspects,
I find within my Medicine Bowl.

Let me find the courage
To face the enemies within,
Healing all my weaknesses,
Honoring the warrior therein.

Let me honor my sacred promise,
To be loyal to my healing quest,
Never deserting my Medicine,
Nor the heart within my breast."
Dancing the Dream

Speaking and Trust

"Among Indian people in ancient times, some of the rules of etiquette regarding speaking were

'Never discuss another's business, and never presume to speak for anyone other than yourself.

'Respect the privacy of all people, and never break a trust if you have been told something in confidence. . . .

'If someone is having a conversation or argument that does not concern you, leave the area; do not eavesdrop. . . .

'Never tell a lie or half-truth, or alter any message that you are to deliver for another.'

"These rules were strictly adhered to by those who earned the respect of others in their Tribe. When anyone uses these rules of thumb, the words they speak are truthful and to be trusted. The level of integrity that is required to speak the truth in this manner is a rare find in the modern world. For their words to attain this level of respect, speakers must live in truth at all times."
Earth Medicine

Each Life as a Sacred Path

"Every human being who walks the Earth Mother has an individual sacred path through life. That sacred path is created by the weaving of many tangible and intangible threads, which connect all of our emotions, dreams, thoughts, and experiences. The spirit's invisible thread of life force unfurls at birth and carries us through the twists and turns of growing up and learning about life on planet Earth. Our lives will change directions many times as experiences urge us to grow. Every decision we make and every shift in our perceptions can alter the course of our path through life and bring new experiences or expanded horizons. Every time we alter our priorities, we change our path. Every time we allow ourselves to use our imagination, we change our view of reality. Every time we decide to change direction, we design and redesign our lifestyles, habits, priorities, personal needs, and goals."
Dancing the Dream

Coming Back to Ourselves

"No matter how far we travel in life, one truth cannot be denied: we always come back to ourselves. We cannot change others, but we can change ourselves and how we view life. There is no limitation to the journey of the human spirit. We will find our own individual paths, and we will always return full circle to our personal truths, even if those truths have changed as our understanding grew. We come into our physical lives to experience the cycles and seasons of human experience, and we move into another circle of nonphysical experience when our bodies die. Tapping the Dream Weave allows us to understand the unseen circles of energy that influence and define our waking experiences, showing us how to come full circle and how to dance the next level of our personal growth cycles."
Dancing the Dream

The Great Mystery

"That brings us full circle to the Native American saying, 'The Great Mystery cannot be solved!' If we knew the reason for everything that happened to us, life would be boring. Not only that, but such knowledge would eliminate the free will that allows us to change our attitudes and minds and to reweave the patterns of energy that have formed our individual parts of the Dream Weave. Through the simple act of allowing God, the Creator, the Great Mystery, to be the Higher Power, limitless possibilities and miracles become available to us. Why would we ever choose to control the way the mystery unfolds in our lives? The shadow side of human nature thrives when we limit our trust or when we need to control the way things should happen. To do so is to negate the power of the Great Mystery in our lives. Control of that sort is like playing God and is another enlightenment trap. It creates attitudes, thoughts, and feelings that do not serve further growth but allow the shadow side of our natures to control our perceptions and our experiences."
Dancing the Dream

Loves All Things

"Mother, show me how to love
Beyond my human fear,
Teach me all the joys of life
Behind the veil of tears.

Let me find the pleasure of
A lover's gentle hands,
Let me know the wisdom of
Respect without demands.

Oh, Keeper of Forgiveness,
Teach me how to see
Beyond the petty judgments,
Supporting human dignity.

I will learn your Medicine
Of Mother, lover, friend,
Teaching others how to love
And broken hearts to mend."
The 13 Original Clan Mothers

Respect is Earned

Respect is often earned through one's dependability. If others know that a person can be relied upon to speak honestly, to act in times of crisis, to contribute with generosity, to use wisdom in making decisions, and to be faithful to family and friends — that person has earned respect.
Earth Medicine