September 11 — the day and its aftermath — has been the subject of many films already, both dramas and documentaries. These are available on DVD.

  • Fahrenheit 9/11: This documentary shows how the Bush Administration and its policies made the most of the 9/11 tragedy, using it to lead the country into a terrible and tragic war.
  • The Great New Wonderful: A riveting and quirky movie set in New York City about the ways in which the aftershocks of 9/11 play out in the lives of a group of people still in denial a year later.
  • The Guys: A healing drama about two individuals from different worlds who bond together after September 11 as they work through their grief and come to see the wonders hidden in the people all around us.
  • The Saint of 9/11: This is an extraordinary documentary about Father Mychal Judge, a Fire Department Chaplain who was killed by falling debris while giving last rites at the World Trade Center.
  • September 11: Eleven short films by world class directors which shed light on the mysteries, the madness, and the resonances of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center.
  • United 93: An experience of being there on a doomed 9/11 flight that could have watered the seeds of fear and hate inside us; instead, we found our hearts going out to people everywhere facing incomprehensible events.
  • World Trade Center: Directed by Oliver Stone, this drama salutes the courage and lovingkindneses of rescue workers at Ground Zero.