Antidote to Revenge by Phil Cousineau inspires us to do our best to forgive and live well.

Becoming Heart's Ease by Megan McKenna infuses us with heartfulness and offers several ideas for easing others’ pain and heartache.

Breathe Shalom by Rami Shapiro directs us to promote peace and wholeness by breathing in peace and breathing out peace.

Building Safety by Thich Nhat Hanh brings us an insightful perspective on creating a sense of safety for ourselves and others.

Creating Peace through Gratefulness by David Steindl-Rast invites us to feel and be peace.

Disarm Your Tongue/Heart/Soul by Megan McKenna calls us to drop harmful words and actions and use a new language of mercy, sharing, healing, and peace.

Dwelling in the Heart by Ezra Bayda guides us in breathing into the heart and experientially understanding our connectedness with all beings.

Examen of Consciousness and Conscience by Sam Keen makes the case for consciousness of and shift in the ways we contribute to perpetuating warfare.

Forgiveness Chant by Lama Surya Das presents a short chant of forgiveness, peace and love.

Forgiveness Meditation by Jack Kornfield leads us through a meditation to forgive ourselves and others, including those who have harmed us.

Gratitude by Angeles Arrien encourages us to express gratitude for all the blessings, learning, mercies, and protections we’ve been given.

Interfaith Dialogue by Wendy Wright inspires us to cultivate genuine friendship with the “other.”

An Invitation to Pray by Jane Vennard counsels us to take our need and desire for forgiveness to God in a way that honors our uniqueness.

Meditation on Positive Emotions by Sharon Salzberg us to notice the positive and the pleasurable, and to take the time to nurture them.

Nonretaliation or Forgiveness by Robert Thurman advises meditation on the worst scenarios you can imagine as practice for daily encounters.

Ocean of Love Meditation by Ram Dass offers a guided meditation on love.

The Power of Forgiveness By Angeles Arrien presents three options for inviting forgiveness into our lives.

The Power of Love by Lama Surya Das voices an affirmation of the choice to live in love.

Practice to Create Peace in the Heart by Sylvia Boorstein recommends chanting Buddhist Refuges and Precepts as universal dedications to compassion and kindness.

The Practice of Mirroring by Jacob Needleman inspires hope and a commitment to fully listen to each other.

Purifying and Strengthening the Heart by Andrew Harvey guides us through a practice that strengthens our hearts and opens us to the Presence in all activities and states of mind.

Repent of the Sin of War by John Dear invites us to consider the physical and spiritual cost of war as well as our commitment to peace and justice.

Shema: Listen by Rami Shapiro teaches us to listen with full attention until we hear all sound as the symphony of the divine.

Take "The Other" to Lunch by Elizabeth Lesser gives simple directions for going to lunch with someone who doesn’t agree with you.

Taking the World into Our Hearts by Llewellyn Vaughn-Lee suggests that we imagine the world as a living being within our hearts as we pray deeply for the world’s redemption and healing.

Walk a Mile in Prayer by Jim Forest recommends that we repeat the Jesus Prayer while walking.

Wordless Intercessory Prayer by Jane Vennard provides a moving example of simply lifting a person or persons up to God.

Working with Anger by Ezra Bayda beckons us to a weekly practice that will heighten our self-awareness and help dissolve our anger.