Being Aware of Your Greatness by Rabbi Avraham Grodzinski reminds us that it's our duty — and an essential part of character formation — to remember our virtues.

Bending with the Wind by Jamal Rahman observes that it's worthwhile to cultivate the character trait of flexibility — without compromising our values.

A Boardinghouse of Characters by James Hillman suggests taking stock of the many facets of our personality, even the oddball ones.

Claim Credit by Terry Bookman counsels us to see our character for what it is by taking responsibility for our successes and the ugliness in which we've played a part.

Engaging with Flaws by Joseph Telushkin asks that you write down what you feel are your most obvious character flaws and weaknesses, for the sake of improving.

Examine the Lies You Tell Yourself by Angeles Arrien encourages sincere, honest reflection upon what is not working in your character development.

Finding the Mid-Point Between Self-Effacement and Arrogance by Greg Marcus gives sound advice for keeping your self-esteem on an even keel.

Honoring Your Past by Michael Davis invites you to think of those who helped shape your character and your view of the world.

Rejoicing in Inner Goodness and Altruistic Deeds by Chade-Meng Tan focuses on the joyfulness of building a positive, helpful character.

Seeing Every Act as Significant by Joseph Telushkin makes clear that even our seemingly small steps to strengthen our character can tip the balance toward good.

Self-Accounting by David S. Ariel recommends writing a list each day of the character traits that shine in us and those that still need refinement.

Showing Your Good Character by Buddha reveals that your response to people and situations needs to be based on the compassionate character you've honed.

Steer Clear of a Litany of Fault Finding by Joseph Telushkin steers us towards expressing our gratitude for the strong character traits in others, even those whose flaws we see.

Write a Personal Moral Code by Alexandra Chauran proposes setting aside time to reflect on your most deeply held values.

Write Your Own Obituary by Arjuna Ardagh illuminates the importance of clarifying what qualities you want to be remembered for.