• Discovering the "Just Say Yes" Approach to Daily Living
    by Stephanie Harper
    Those who arrange their lives around the expansive world of yes seek out "the limitless possibilities life has to offer. The power of yes opens new doors and aims to facilitate human flourishing." Harper concludes that "'the just say yes' way of living is about seeing life through the lens of love, and loving what you see."
  • The Power of "Yes"
    by Julie Redstone
    Yes negates and blots out the power of darkness. It is a vibrant force that brings light into the places and spaces of our lives. Yes is birthed in our trust and surrender to God whose many names evoke the creative matrix of the universe.
  • The Practice of Saying, "Yes"
    by Tara Brach
    This teacher on the Buddhist vipassana path talks about the hindrances which irritate those who seek to meditate in peace. For her, saying "yes" does not involve getting rid of unpleasant feelings. Instead Brach views it as "a medicine that uplifts and frees our spirit."
  • Yes Is More: 5 Reasons to Say "Yes!"
    by Jani Dipirro
    The author admits to never having been a "yes!" person until she saw the movie Yes Man. Now she reveals reasons to enter the wonderful world of yes such as experiencing something new or different and finding unexpected opportunities. She believes that "every 'yes' is a step away from fear and toward the feeling of freedom."