From love stories to comedies to espousals of Crazy Wisdom, movies about saying yes cover the range of ways we come fully alive. They challenge the status quo and open us to adventures we might never have thought possible. Here are some of our favorite "yes" films.

Yes — An exotic and erotic love story that takes us into fresh territory in its exploration of the divisions separating people from each other.

Yes Man — A frolicsome spiritual comedy about a loser whose life is turned around by opening himself up to a new world of wild possibilities.

The Yes Men — A humorous documentary about the subversive activities of two political activists who come up with a plan to embarrass and humiliate members and officials of the World Trade Organization.

The Yes Men Fix The World —Clever attacks on the dishonesty, greed, and ethical malfeasance of corporate America.

The Yes Men Are Revolting —The continuing escapades of the Yes Men whose espousal of Crazy Wisdom bothers corporations and government agencies.