Henri Nouwen, the Catholic writer and teacher, reminds us of our opportunities to change our hearts in this excerpt from Beloved: Henry Nouwen in Conversation, written with Philip Roderick.

David Richo — a therapist, pastoral counselor, and self-help author, writing here in The Five Things We Cannot Change…and the Happiness We Find by Embracing Them — ponders grace as divine bounties that evoke in us a response of "yes." And in this excerpt from When The Past Is Present, he presents gratitude exercises that help wipe away our regrets and make a larger space for yes.

Diana Winston, a mindfulness teacher, writes in Andrea Miller's essay compilation Right Here With You: Bringing Mindful Awareness Into Our Relationships that sitting meditation creates just the right milieu for us to say yes and remain open.

Deborah Zucker, a naturopathic physician and transformational health coach, offers encouragement for aligning with your "yes" in this excerpt from The Vitality Map: A Guide to Deep Health, Joyful Self-care, and Resilient Well-Being.