Feature Films about Recovery

  • Drunks
    A sobering portrayal of an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting in a dingy church basement, with a star-studded cast revealing members' struggles, pitfalls, and occasional inspirations.
  • Jesus' Son
    A meandering film about a good-hearted loser who stays the course through drug addiction, thievery, and humiliations.
  • Rachel Getting Married
    A portrait of a family tragedy and a woman working a 12-step program, reaching out for support when she needs it.
  • Thanks for Sharing
    A rewarding glimpse into the lives of people in recovery, supporting each other and seeing change as a process, not an event.
  • When a Man Loves a Woman
    A salute to the inner work that must be done to keep alive the sacred dimensions of love and commitment.
  • 28 Days
    A comic screenplay about an out-of-control young woman forced to face her self-destructive lifestyle and addictions.

Feature Films about Addiction

  • The Panic in Needle Park
    A bristlingly authentic film about a couple enslaved to heroin in the frenzied underworld life of New York City's West Side.
  • Pollock
    A drama about the volcanic talent and self-destructiveness of Jackson Pollock, the artist best known for his "action paintings."
  • Side Effects
    An ominous and disconcerting thriller about violent side effects of antidepressant drugs.
  • Traffic
    A tense and hard-hitting drama about mood-altering substances and their invasion of every aspect of American life.
  • Under the Volcano
    John Huston's movie version of a highly acclaimed novel about power, addiction, betrayal, and ultimately, the need for love.


  • Sister Helen
    A compassionate story of a tough Catholic nun working with addicts in the South Bronx who has let their suffering touch her heart.