Feature Films

  • Not in This Town
    This film makes a good case for civic activism and for interfaith cooperation in the continuing challenge to move people beyond hate.
  • Arranged
    This drama about the friendship between an Orthodox Jewish woman and a Muslim woman has two radiant performances and offers an important message about respecting religious diversity.
  • The Wedding Song
    A sensuous, astonishing, and memorable film about the different shades of love in sexuality, friendship, and marriage.


  • Francis and the Sultan
    This bridge-building documentary recounts the fruitful encounter of Francis of Assisi, a Catholic monk, and Sultan al-Kamil, a Sufi Muslim.
  • Baraka
    This extraordinary non-narrative film enables us to see with our eyes and feel in our flesh that the healing of self and the healing of the planet are inextricably linked.
  • Altars of the World
    This two-part package presents a fascinating look at Western Religions and Eastern Religions, paying special attention to spiritual rituals and practices.
  • Divining the Divine
    This documentary shows mystics, scientists, and religious writers pondering the big questions.

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