• "As they say in Trinidad, particularly among those who belong to as many a five different religions, 'The more roads to heaven you take, the better chance you have of getting there.'"
    —Bradford Keeney in Shaking Medicine
  • "Each great spiritual tradition, in its own way, suggests a model of what it means to be a holy person. Each of them shines a light on the human ideal. Each of them talks about what it takes to grow, to endure, to develop, to live a spiritual life in a world calculatingly material and sometimes maddeningly unclear."
    —Joan Chittister in Welcome to the Wisdom of the World
  • "It is not enough to be versed in only one religion. You are heir to the entire spectrum of human spirituality. While one of them may resonate more strongly within you than another, you can learn from them all and adapt practices from each to enrich your own capacity for lovingkindness."
    —Rami Shapiro in The Sacred Art of Lovingkindness
  • "On a personal level, a global spiritual perspective calls us to a greater compassion and to practice the spiritual virtues of love of one's neighbors, altruism, and devotion extolled in the world's scriptures. It is a lived spiritual practice that confronts the assumptions of individualism and self-motivation that permeate our culture today."
    —Beverly Lanzetta in Emerging Heart
  • "As the barriers separating the religions and cultures of the world are collapsing, a new model is emerging, an intermystical, interspiritual paradigm that permits people from various traditions, or from no tradition, to explore the spiritual dimensions of any religion. More and more people find themselves rooted in one tradition while seriously investigating another."
    —Wayne Teasdale in A Monk in the World
  • "Savoring the prayers of other people and religious traditions — especially those who have been on the spiritual path longer than we have — is a wonderful way to 'spice up' our spiritual diet. Other people's prayers can open our taste buds beyond our familiar prayers to new flavors that renew our spiritual energy."
    —Nancy Corcoran in Secrets of Prayer
  • "In yoga they say, 'Many paths. One God.'"
    —Terry A. Bookman in God 101

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