Writer and director David Mamet's inventive, snappy, and brilliantly acted thriller about ethics in the workplace is one of the best films of 1998. Joe Ross (Campbell Scott) is riding high on his top-secret formula that will earn millions for his company. However, Mr. Klein (Ben Gazzara), his boss, refuses to confirm his bonus and is worried about industrial espionage.

Meanwhile the courteous Ross meets Jimmy Dell (Steve Martin), a mysterious man of wealth, polish, and wit. He feeds the young man's anxiety about the company's inexplicable treatment of him. Ross also finds comfort in the support of George (Ricky Jay), a sarcastic colleague, and Susan (Rebecca Pidgeon), a perky secretary.

In the fast-paced and imaginative world of David Mamet (House of Games), nothing is as it appears. The Spanish Prisoner opens new doors on this ancient truth. It is a subtle and revealing drama about a confidence game filled with on-target insights into business, paranoia, deceit, pride, and entitlement.