"Yoga is something that helps us care for ourselves, through purification of body and mind. It helps us secure that time for ourselves, to come back to our center, and be in harmony with ourselves. It will save your life; it will change your life; it will make you so much more accepting of yourself than you've ever been," says Mae Yoshika, a yoga teacher and author in Tokyo, Japan, in this informative and entertaining documentary directed by Kate Clere McIntyre and narrated by Annette Bening.

Yoga is a global phenomenon, with an estimated 27 million women practitioners in North America alone. This practice started with men but is now dominated by female teachers and writers. The documentary introduces many of these leaders including Patricia Walden, Shiva Rea, Sharon Gannon, Cyndi Lee and others. In interviews conducted around the world, women talk about the many ways in which yoga has branched out from studios and into urban streets, cancer clinics, prisons, and African villages.

Devotees of yoga praise its tremendous impact on women's health, physical fitness, mental and emotional health, and personal growth. It is spiritual resource that has been used to help cope with breast cancer, pregnancy, depression, eating disorders and other problems.

Yogawoman takes a complicated global phenomenon and makes it accessible, exciting and relevant to the world in which we live.