Ethics is what makes and keeps life human. As the headlines remind us, however, we do not always take the time to consciously consider our choices about how we could and should behave. Living an ethical life is like practicing an instrument; it takes practice.

When Jess (Jasmine Batchelor), a web designer in New York City, gets pregnant, she is suddenly overwhelmed by a torrent of feelings and ethical choices arising out of her decision to be a surrogate for her best friend Josh (Chris Perfetti) and his lawyer husband Aaron (Sullivan Jones). After they learn that a prenatal test that the fetus has tested positive for Down Syndrome, Jess enters a world that both scares and challenges her.

Jess, Josh, and Aaron discuss their options.

The three friends have different opinions about the options available to them. Jess wants them to visit a child care center for Down Syndrome children, and she talks to several mothers about their lives. It is soon clear that the decision to carry on with the pregnancy is not one any of the three friends can take lightly -- and it is subject to change.

Theologian Lewis Smedes has written: "Morality is always about keeping life good, or making it better, by preventing it from getting worse." Writer and director Jeremy Hersch has given us with a well-acted and emotionally resonant drama about the heavy duty choices and responsibilities that accompany pregnancy and parenting.